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mail values from List with Multiple Selections

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I have a little problem, I have a mailform with a List/Menu (named informatie) witch allows Multiple Selections.

When I test it and select some from the list only the last selection is shown in the e-mail.


The form is Posted to a PHP mailscript, listed here below.





$email = stripslashes ($email);

$naam = stripslashes($naam);

$adres = stripslashes($adres);

$postcode = stripslashes($postcode);

$woonplaats = stripslashes($woonplaats);

$info = stripslashes($info);

$prijsindicat = stripslashes($prijsindicat);

$telnr = stripslashes($telnr);

$informatie = stripslashes($informatie);

$opmerkingen = stripslashes($opmerkingen);


$body = "$naam heeft zojuist het formulier van de website ingevuld.\n";

$body .= "\nAdres: $adres";

$body .= "\nPostcode: $postcode";

$body .= "\nWoonplaats: $woonplaats";

$body .= "\nInformatie sturen?: $info";

$body .= "\nPrijsindicatie sturen?: $prijsindicat";

$body .= "\nTelefoonnummer: $telnr\n";

$body .= "Informatie over: $informatie";

$body .= "\nOpmerkingen: $opmerkingen";

mail('my@email.com',$subject,$body,"From: $naam <$email>");




Who can give me some help on this one?





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