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Original Image & Thumbnail on same page?

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Hi, I'm pretty new at this, so forgive my ignorance. I'm running DW MX 2004 with PHP and MySql. Got the database running fine and I'm trying to display some images for an online product catalog. Here's the problem, I need to set up the thumbnails on the right side of the page each being 70 px wide - 2 across and 3 down. Then to the immediate left of the TN's a table cell 230 x 300 would display the enlargement of the selected thumb on the right. Then when the user hits the "next | prev | first | last" nav, the next set of 6 fill the thumbnail section... and so on until the user views the complete gallery of product images. Then the user can select the next gallery and so on.... I've got the whole master/detail pages thing worked out already, are there any extensions or scripts that can help me out combining these images on the same page. Thanks in advance for your help.

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