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All PHP Scripts Getting Frozen - Browser Restart is Required!

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My Company have a complete ERP based in PHP4/MySQL5 that we developed internally

I hope to present the problem correctly as we are very worried:
When a user logs in to the ERP, it works fine, but the problem triggers as soon as the following situations applies.

1) If the User clicks on a Window Open(php script) that he really did not whant to open, and closes instantly, all the ERP or any other PHP script in the domain will not run at all. The browser gets in the Status bar: Waiting for Respond from site...

2) When a User Double clicks on a Script, it may run correctly, but in some cases it gets freezed up with the same Status Bar Message, and no other script in the domain will run.

3) Frames, when you have a menu in a frame named=menu and a frame=app, and you click on a menu item from frame=menu that executes a script in frame=app, it dows OK, but if you click on other while the first script is still loading, it gets freezed. And NO other script as well will be executed in the domain.

Solution Until Now:
- Until now all our users when this or other situation happens and no other script will execute in the domain, they have to restart the browser. This will let them log in and keep on working.

The other way I see it resolves is when i delete the tmp sess_ files, but of course the user has to login again.

If Apache and PHP is restarted it also resolves the problem, but offcourse if any of the situation mention before, it triggers again the freezing problem.

We do not know who to ask for help.

Thanks in advanced.

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