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Need Help of PHP Guru

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Posted 29 September 2006 - 09:06 PM

Okay, somewhere in my script my session is being altered. I need to know where. I know for sure that it is my problem via the code below.

global $strSession;
global $intLine;
$intLine = 0;

function checkSession(){


	if($GLOBALS['strSession'] != $_SESSION){
		echo "<P>";
		echo "<strong>".$GLOBALS['intLine']."</strong>";
		echo "</P>";
		$GLOBALS['strSession'] = $_SESSION;




Whenever the session changes, i print it out. The problem is that i dont know WHERE the change is happening. One miht suggest 'start at the top and look for session calls' but that is hard to do with a 10,000 line script (not psgetti coded, there is an entire library i bring in & its an admin side script, so time to load is acceptable).

At any rate, i need to know what line of what file the session canges on.

exception class doesn't work, only retruns data of where the exception is thrown
trigger_error works the same way.

ANy ideas?

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