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Recomendation wanted for rich text edior in a form text area

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I am using Dreamweaver to create forms to input data into a database, I would like several of the text area fields to be rich text and include fromatting options like those used in this forum.


I have just bought RichForm from www.hotdreamweaver.com but it doesn't not allow me enough control over the input. I would like to be able to add css options and disable the option to insert images etc.


Has anyone got any other recommendations for a beginner to install.


Ta Crazy

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My personal favorite is TinyMCE though I've only played with a few others so I don't have the widest experience base.


TinyMCE - http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/

CKEditor - http://ckeditor.com/

NiceEdit - http://nicedit.com/

eLRite - http://elrte.org/

CLEditor - http://premiumsoftware.net/cleditor/

Aloha Editor - http://aloha-editor.com/

openWYSIWYG - http://www.openwebware.com/




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Hi mreish


Thanks for the list.


I have been trying out TinyMCE and am struggling a bit, but I think I am getting there, I think this is what I needed.


Is is okay to ask some questions about it here or should I use another forum.


I just wanted to query some of the options I have been playing with, such inserting an image just redirect to my error page, do you know if I need to change something somewhere in the scripts, or download something else.  I assume it doesn't actually allow you to upload a file (although this would be nice) just insert a link to an existing image on the Internet.




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Hmm... I suspect the Javascript Forum would be a better place but I'm not sure. Surely more people will weigh in because this forum doesn't get looked at a lot.


The people who write TinyMCE have a file manager available but it's not free.  I have purchased several licenses of it over the years for my clients and they all seem happy with it.  I like it because it's tightly integrated with TinyMCE - it has the same look and feel.

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