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Editable Region in Dreamweaver CS5

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I'm building a site right now, unfortunately I don't have it uploaded anywhere to see yet, but I'm hoping that someone can just tell me some settings to change to fix it.


How can you use float inside an editable region and it not mess everything up?  Tried setting div positions to relative, but everytime I try and float to the left it wont expand my editable region anymore.  I tried inserting a new div, contentblock, into the editable region with width at 100%.  Set to relative, then inserted nested div for the left side content, set width to 70%, float left, relative.  It still won't expand the editable region correctly this way.  It pushed the text down that in the footer, but wont expand the gray background of the content, and so wont push the black background of the footer down.  When you look at design view in dreamweaver, it shows that it is expanded the gray area, but when you preview it browser it actually isn't.


I've attached pictures of design view and preview to help explain.


[attachment deleted by admin]

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When you float something, that something gets removed from the flow of the document. It's almost like the browser doesn't see the thing - it just tries to display other stuff around your thingy. So to speak.  One trick I've seen quite a bit is to put a paragraph tag right after the div that's getting floated with a clear on it.  So your CSS/HTML would look like this:


.clearBoth {
       clear: both;



<div id="crazyFoltedDiv">
   Content goes here.
<p class="clearBoth">&bnsp;</p>



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