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mssql select query hang


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Hi guys,


I am currently doing a project that connects to a mssql server and we finally got this sucker connected using a dsn and odbc_connect. I have the ability to call odbc_data_source and all other functions that query the server but I am having an issue with odbc_exec hanging. When I construct the query wrong, I get back a result saying that the query is wrong eg. table doesn't exist, error at from line 2, etc... However, any query that I do hangs. Even extremely simple ones get a timeout. I simplified it into a simple code base to show you an example:



$username = "blah";

$password = "blah2";


$connection = odbc_connect('myDSN', $username, $password);


$results = odbc_exec($connection,'Select TOP 1 firstnamemi from crname;');




running this code gets me the hourglass and after about 30 secs or so, a timeout message in the browser.


Any ideas?

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