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[Ask] [CodeIgniter] How to create preview post


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Hi all,


im new member here and also new to php world. I use CI to learn.

I copy paste the article from my wordpress blog and found <p><!--more--></p> tag but I dont know how to hide post after that tag to create preview post just like in wordpress, can you give me some advice to do that?


really appreciate your help,


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first load the text helper, either auto load it or load it in the constructor in the controller.


then use the following function:

word_limiter($string, 10);

where the 10 is the number of words that will display


a sample post would look like the following in the view file

<?php foreach ($posts as $p): ?>
<h2><?php echo $p['title']; ?></h2>
<p><?php echo word_limiter($p['body'], 25); ?></p>
<?php echo anchor('blog/post/'.$p['id'], 'Read More >>>');
<?php endforeach; ?>


The second to last line of code will create a link to the full blog article

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