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OKay i have my database set up like so:

[b]id        username              password                firstname              lastname[/b]
1          sample                    ck3949                John                      DOE

Someone can login and it checks weather its the right password and then redirects them to a diferent page. On that page I want to have a message Saying "Welcome John", meaning that i need to pull the firstname out of the row of the user that is logged in.

Heres my code:

[code]$query = mysql_query("SELECT firstname FROM users WHERE username='$user'") or die ("Can't execute: " . mysql_error());
$name = $query
  <h1>Welcome <? print $name; ?>,</h1>[/code]

And i don't get any errors but my output is:

[b]Welcome Resource id #4[/b]

Any idea?

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These can do that better



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