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Need recommendation for an Eclipse based IDE

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Hello, first of all, I apologize for asking a generic question like this, I've searched through the forum briefly trying to find similar questions but im having a hard time finding a previous discussion about my specific situation.



Initially I started writing php code with just Textmate, and that was fine for a while, but as I started learning JavaScript and started using various php and js framework, Textmate just don't seem to cut it anymore. First problem is as my code gets more and more complicated i started to have typos from time to time, and since I don't have a debugging solution for php, that can sometime leads to spending hours trying to figure out why a certain piece of code don't work and then found out I made a mistake on a variable name.


So I started looking for replacement for Textmate, after some searching I found Aptana Studio, which offers a lot of great feature for coding JavaScript. But when I try to configure the PDT plug in for it and attempting to setup xDebug i ran into various difficulty and also since Aptana is based on Eclipse, without understanding eclipse itself, I find the settings and documentation for Aptana confusing at best. So I looked at another Eclipse based IDE, Zend Studio, its packed with feature for php developer, but it also seems to be tight together with Zf and Zend Server, while I don't mind using Zf, I don't want to limit my choice to one framework neither.


During this same time period I also accidentally found out that another tool I'm using, Flash Builder is also based on Eclipse...


I'm now totally confused, I want a good IDE for both PHP and Js, and to me Code Assist is an essential feature as i don't really remember all the syntax of all those frame works I use and my tendency of misspelling function name and variable names. Second thing is I really need a php debugging solution and preferably one that's integrated into the IDE.


Lastly I'd want to be able to integrate Adobe Flash Builder as well, since having to run multiple different variant of essentially the same software just seem rather inefficient..



I need some suggestion on what I should do. Should I choose one of the eclipse variant and install the other as plug-in? If so, which one should I use as the base?

Please kindly correct me if my question don't make sense, as I'm having a lot of difficulty understanding how Eclipse works, what I am asking could very well be impossible or maybe there is a much better solution that i simply over looked.


Thank you for spending the time reading my question, I'd truly appreciate any recommendations.

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