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Sessions and Cookies


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I am having a hard time getting sessions and cookies to work as I would expect.  I am using codelobster editor/debugger and wampserver. 

My problem is that when I try to delete a cookie it shows that the cookie is still there and active.





// I try to delete the previous cookie which was set


// here I have a function that sets a cookie





When I check the local variables in the debugger they are still there and not deleted and have the same value.

Is my logic wrong or is it my system?


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Did you read the 'common pitfalls' on the setcookie-page?


Things I can think of:

* If you set or delete a cookie, it is visible when the page is reloaded - do you reload your page before checking?

* You use single and double quotes together

* Try explicitly setting the value of the cookie to 'false' - no need to set the time in the past, that is something that is done internally by PHP

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