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MediaWiki Install Issue...

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Mediawiki 1.71
When I go to the config/index.php to do the install this is the error I get for a Win 2003 install... I have uncommented the php_mysql.dll ect...the php info doesn't show mysql even as a active extenstion I have no idea what is going on any help would bring tears of joy to my eys  thnx...

MediaWiki 1.7.1 Installation
Don't forget security updates! Keep an eye on the low-traffic release announcements mailing list.
Checking environment...
Please include all of the lines below when reporting installation problems.

PHP 5.1.6 installed Could not find a suitable database driver!
For MySQL, compile PHP using --with-mysql, or install the mysql.so module
For PostgreSQL, compile PHP using --with-pgsql, or install the pgsql.so module

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