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Okay, I got my problem fixed i think with that tutorial I was doing. But now I need help. Could someone tell me how I would go about adding catagories to the forum so it will have catagories?

This is a major feature I need that and registration, but I am in more need of it to have catagories. Could someone guide me?

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[code]CREATE TABLE categories (
  id smallint(5) NOT NULL default '0',
  position tinyint(3) default NULL,
  state varchar(10) default NULL,
  name varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
  description text,
  PRIMARY KEY  (id),
  KEY id (id)
) TYPE=MyISAM;[/code]

Add a “category” column, to your forum table, and then assign which forums are in which categories.

Then use the appropriate mysql_query to grab the categories and forums in the right order.
Ie. “ORDER BY c.position, f.position”

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