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Variable problem

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Hi.. I´m having some problem with variables..

I´m working on a calendar that gets info from a database everytime a day or month is clicked... It´s a downloaded code. So the code declares this variables.. (among others.. I just put here the ones I´m trying to work with)..


$param_d[\'link_on_day\'] = $PHP_SELF.\'?date=\';


$current_day = date(\"d\", $timestamp);

$current_month = date(\'n\', $timestamp);

$current_month_2 = date(\'m\', $timestamp);

$current_year = date(\'Y\', $timestamp);


Later on the script it makes the link with those variables for each day.


<A=\"\'.$param \'link_on_day\'].$current_year.$current_month_2.$i_2.\'\">\'.$i.\'</A>



Now I get a link that is something like this:




¿How can I use these to grab the rows I need from the DB... ?


I´ve tried something like this with all the variables.. but It doesn´t work


@mysql_select_db($database) or die( \"No hay base de datos\");

$query=\"SELECT * FROM agenda WHERE mes=\'.$current_month\'\";



I don´t why it doesn´t read the variables.. I´ve tried using echo to see if it´s getting the value.. but it isn´t..

I know is probably a stupid thing.. but I can´t figure it out..

And yes I´m reading the Manual and I´m getting a book next week, but until then I won´t sleep well..


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Your link is strange, but try this:

print "<a href=\'".$param[\'link_on_day\'].$current_year.$current_month_2.$i_2."\'>".$i."</a>";


Hope that helps.

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Sorry, I wrote the link wrong. The whole line is like this


$output .= \'<TD class="calendarDays\'.$param[\'calendar_id\'].\'"><A href="\'.$param[\'link_on_day\'].$current_year.$current_month_2.$i_2.\'">\'.$i.\'</A></TD>\'."n";


And the


Is just the path that the browser shows for each day (obviously the numbers change for each day).


And sorry again, I´m EL Nuevo, so I still don´t get how can I use this variables to get the stuff to show from my table. I keep getting a Mysql error telling me that supplied argument is not valid when cheking for num_rows, so I assume that the variable $current_whatever is not valid so the num_rows result is 0.

I´ve tried just echoeing or printing the value of $current_whatever to see if it´s getting any.. but it is not..

Any clues?

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Try using this:[php:1:ad01b63d88]mysql_query(\"SELECT * FROM agenda WHERE mes=\'\".$current_month.\"\'\") or die(mysql_error());[/php:1:ad01b63d88]


Let us know what error you get.

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