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Laptop that best fits me.


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Well I've think its about time I purchased a laptop but I want to make sure I get something that suits my needs. Hardware wise I am clueless so I need your help.


I'm looking for something under $700 and brand doesn't mean much. I'll be dual-booting Linux and most likely what ever shitty version of windows comes pre-installed. I'll be using it for programming, Photoshop, web surfing, screen recording, actually gaming and all the other little things you associate with general everyday computer use. I also would like something with good battery life and isn't ridiculously loud. So far I like the following two.






Links and advise would be much appreciated. I need your expertise!

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well for 700 dollars, you are not going to be able to play awesome new games. since a video card is pretty expensive. Certainly for a laptop. Depending on your grafical needs the laptops you showed looked pretty okay.


btw, why do you want a laptop. I hope you do know laptops are for more expensive than a desktops.


If you want an awesome laptop (and won the lottery) alien-ware has some nice ones :)

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I got a toshiba satellite of ebay for $499, it has 6GB ram , Intel celeron 2.4Ghz processor and 250GB drive - a shite load better than my old desktop


..I sleep with my laptop, it sits in a little nook on the corner of my bed, when i wake up i just open it up without getting up - its a great way to start the day

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