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Retrieving XML with cURL


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Hi there


I am trying to use cURL to retrieve XML from a gateway. The code I am using works (ie. returns the HTTP response) for any URL that I use except the one that I need!  The URL is below, and when using that I get a blank response every time. I've tested and can telnet to that IP address on that port from my server.


I'm not sure if it is because of the format/structure of the URL? Could it have something to do with the port of the gateway? Any assistance would be much appreciated.<usareq NODE="tHTTP" USERNAME="HTTP" PASSWORD="1234" TRANSFORM="SMPP"><command><submit_sm><a_number>278200703520709</a_number><b_number>27824411926</b_number><service_type/><message>Test</message><registered_delivery/></submit_sm></command></usareq>


The function I am using (from http://davidwalsh.name) is:


/* gets the data from a URL */

function get_data($url)


$ch = curl_init();

$timeout = 5;




$data = curl_exec($ch);


return $data;



$returned_content = get_data('<usareq NODE="HTTP" USERNAME="HTTP" PASSWORD="1234" TRANSFORM="SMPP"><command><submit_sm><a_number>278200703520709</a_number><b_number>27824411926</b_number><service_type/><message>Test</message><registered_delivery/></submit_sm></command></usareq>');

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