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XHTML + PHP -- Pulling In XHTML Data

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Good evening.


I am trying to work with a page that is written in XHTML -- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bleeding-hollow/chewables/advanced


What I am trying to do is pull the entire page and put it into something that I can pull data out of.


I thought of pulling the webpage via a CURL and the converting the XHTML to an array with something like this:


function & xmlToArray($xmlData, $includeTopTag = false, $lowerCaseTags = true){

	$xmlArray = array();

	$parser = xml_parser_create();
	xml_parse_into_struct($parser, $xmlData, $vals, $index);

	$temp = $depth = array();

	foreach ($vals as $value) {

		switch ($value['type']) {

		case 'open':
		case 'complete':
			array_push($depth, $value['tag']);
			$p = join('::', $depth);
			if ($lowerCaseTags) {
				$p = strtolower($p);
				if (is_array($value['attributes']))
					$value['attributes'] = array_change_key_case($value['attributes']);
			$data = ( isset($value['attributes']) ? array($value['attributes']) : array());
			$data = ( trim($value['value']) ? array_merge($data, array($value['value'])) : $data);
			if (isset($temp[$p])) $temp[$p] = array_merge($temp[$p], $data);
			else $temp[$p] = $data;
			if ($value['type']=='complete') array_pop($depth);

		case 'close':



	if (!$includeTopTag) unset($temp["page"]);

	foreach ($temp as $key => $value) {

		if (count($value)==1) { $value = reset($value); }

		$levels = explode('::', $key);
		$num_levels = count($levels);

		if ($num_levels==1) {
			$xmlArray[$levels[0]] = $value;
		} else {
			$pointer = &$xmlArray;
			for ($i=0; $i<$num_levels; $i++) {
				if ( !isset( $pointer[$levels[$i]] ) ) {
					$pointer[$levels[$i]] = array();
				$pointer = &$pointer[$levels[$i]];
			$pointer = $value;


	return ($includeTopTag ? $xmlArray : reset($xmlArray));



This, however, is geared for parsing XML and not XHTML.  Any advice on how to work through the XHTML and put the data is something like an array in other to pull data out of something that has some structure?


I know about XPath, but the code needs to be XML in order for that to work (at least that is my understanding).  If there is a way to use XPath with XHTML, please let me know.



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