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CSS CHECKLIST 6 points not to forget Read Before Posting


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Hi everyone,


I thought I leave a little checklist, which you could use when creating websites. Although some stuff might be obvious for some people, I see these things omitted on a daily basis when helping out others with their css and html.

Note though this list is not not limited to the stuff below, but it will definitely save you quite some time. Use the following in order.


  1. Always use a valid doctype! It should be on the first line if you view your source code in the browser.

  2. Place a reset.css above your own style! A reset.css is vital to eliminate browser differences.

  3. Use conditional comments to target versions of IE! (so don't use css hacks)

  4. Don't use inline style! (it's redundant, slower, chaotic and easier to make mistakes) Use an external stylesheet instead.

  5. Don't use tables for anything other than displaying data in an orderly way.

  6. Don't use a clearfix-div if you can use a overflow:hidden;


Hope this will save you a lot of time!

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