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Apache problem for outside world

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Hi everybody I got this problem.. I installed Xampp with apache etc. in httpd.conf I got this Server adress :,
I opened port 30002 on my router. restarted everything, when I go to www.canyouseeme.org is says :

Success: I can see your service on on port (30002)
Your ISP is not blocking port 30002.

Wel.. when I typ in my webbrowser (firefox) : it doenst work, he cant connect to the server.

I disabled windows firewall and nod32.

heard something about DMZ to, so i went to my sweex annex a router.

Misc configuration:

DMZ Enabled
DMZ Host IP : <--- this is my local ip

also restarted apache some times , and my computer. ALso got a gameserver running on ports 30001(mainserv) 50001 (authserv) and 40001 (database serv). And with my ip : people from outside CAN connect to it. So why i cant connect to my webserver?

Thanks in advantage,



Rofl nvm, My friends can see it, only I cant -.-'

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maybe just maybe try to put your fire wall on hold

Edit: No that wont work for you

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I'm getting something similar.  Running
Apache/2.0.59 (Win32) DAV/2 mod_auth_sspi/1.0.4 mod_ssl/2.0.59 OpenSSL/0.9.8c SVN/1.4.0 Server
on Windows Server 2003.

I reckon about 60% of external people can see the website, and 40% cannot.  Unfortunately all three of my external attempts to get through to it fail, from work, client site and my PDA's GPRS.  IE and Firefox both sit waiting for a response forever.

Obviously it is not a firewall or DNS issue as lots of people can get to the site from outside using the domain name.

Apache does seem to log my attempts that fail as 200 requests.  So my request is getting through; but no response gets back to me.  nmap run from work also correctly identified my server as running Apache configured the way I have it, so nmap can get a response back. Just not, it would seem, any web browser.

Any bright ideas?  I'm currently very confused.  It's either Apache (unlikely), my router or my ISP losing or misdirecting the HTTP response, I presume... unless certain networks refuse HTTP responses from my ISP?  But my ISP swears blind that several companies run web servers using accounts with them.

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it was to do with MTU (basically the number of bits or bytes, not sure which, in a package). My ISP expects an MTU of 1458, and Windows defaults to an MTU of 1500. When your browser and my server negotiate to work out how to communicate, some corporate firewalls permit the communication that tells my server to drop the MTU down dynamically - and some don't, so if you were behind a firewall that doesn't that would explain why you couldn't see anything, and others could.

Set my routers and Windows to an MTU of 1458, and now it works. In Windows it requires a registry edit, easy to find via google:

So ask your ISP what your MTU should be and set your routers and your server to that value, would be my advice.

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