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Header Coding

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Hi there to all, I am new member and still learning PHP, and therefore I need your help!

I got a header I need help with! I want to solely post different pictures in a php file for each web page. I was just wanting some help with the code as i am unsure . Also each page contains 3 sublinks that i want the picture of the page with the sublinks to remain. Thanks for your help

I have done my submenu in php, maybe it will be similiar, For example;

          $display = '<ul id="generic_subnav">';
          $display .= '<li></li>';
          $display .= '<li></li>';
          $display .= '<li></li>';
          $display .= '</ul>';
          echo $display;

But it needs to be for images. Should I do it the CSS way instead?


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