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Zen Cart Help - I Need To Get Form in Description Area To Work!

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I have a YRC shipping form that I have working as it should on an empty php page, but whenever I add the page code to either the EZ-Pages or to the product description area in Zen Cart, the form doesn't work. Below is what's been happening.


1. Whenever I hit the submit button the form adds the product to the shopping cart.


2. The form no longer opens in a new window when the submit button is clicked. The target= gets getting erased whenever I switch the editor back to html view.


The form also have a hidden field that inserts the current date upon submitting the form and it isn't working.


I've tried adding the form to an EZ Page and I get the same results. The same is when I add the form inside of the product description page.


I've also tried a few code samples posted on Zen Cart forum, but they don't wok either because as soon as I put the code into the description and switch back to normal view, I can see the code and parts of it is missing too.


It's been so hard to get a form to function inside of the description area, and even the EZ Pages.


Can someone help me to get my form to work inside of the Zen Cart description area?



Any help appreciated!



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