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missing php_pdf.dll

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When I run pear I get "Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'c:/php/ext/php_pdf.dll' The specified module could not be found". This was fixed by commenting out the extension=php_pdf.dll

Well I did a search for php_pdf.dll and it's not anywhere on my computer. Enviroment is XP SP2, Apache 2.2.3, php 5.1.6 & mysql 5.0.24a. Apache, PHP, and MySql, & phpMyAdmin all work. just trying to get the extensions and configurations correct.

BTW: I found a php_pdf.zip file with php_pdf.dll version I think it was version 1.0. I tried to use it by placing it in my ext folder and uncommenting the extension=php_pdf.dll Then I got an error about not finding  php4ts.dll . So I commented it back

So why doesn't my instal include a php_pdf.dll ?? and how can I get the correct version for my environment??



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Do you have that .dll installed? If not then PHP will throw an error because it cannot load the proper libraries to use things.



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