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Multiple session variables


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Hello everyone, I'm sitting here in a position where I can't work on my site or test any code, but my mind is racing about what I can do to solve a particular problem that I have.  I won't get into the problem because it would take more time to type than I have right now, but I have an idea for a simple solution, just not sure if it will work or not.  So, here's my question: Is it possible to have multiple session variables during a session?


Such as:




If this is possible, my problem is solved (I think)... otherwise, I have to keep thinking about it.  Thanks for any help!

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My son was asking what an array was.  (He is 12 with a good 12 year old algebra base). 


An array is variable with pockets, you just have to know which pocket the data is stored in, was kind of the way I broke it down for him. 


I agree with analog, should be no problem.



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