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href with web link variable repeating my web site??


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Hello Everyone,


I'm using PHP with MySQL.  One of the fields in the database is website.  The code I'm using is as follows:






html/php code:


<td><font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><a href="<? echo "$web"; ?>">Website</a></font></td>


What it should do is have the clickable word Website with the correct url from the database.  Instead it's repeating the website the page is on.  For example it's doing this:




Any help is appreciated.



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Well I'll try to explain.

It more so that your link in the href is lacking the http://


lets say you use this as a self to server url, or a server path

<a href="./">link</a>
<a href="../">link</a>
<a href="/">link</a>


now lets point it to a place on your site, nothing is needed besides a file or script name

(this is the same way your domain names were treated)

<a href="my-script.php">link</a>
<a href="gallery/">link</a>


now when it sees a protocol such as http:// , ftp:// and so on, it knows to go outbound

<a href="http://somesite.com">link</a>

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