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Script to Email a variable at defined server date


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Hi guys,


Basically I am developing a page where the order status of customers are listed in a tabular form, what I need now is to mail these data to my email address at a defined date (e.g. 1st day of next month) automatically. I do not know how to code this since I am just self studying and is still a noob.



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Depends if this is every month or just a one off.


you could use something clumsy like this:

$today = date("Ymd"); 
if($today == '20110501'){
mail($address, $subject, $msg, "From: $email\r\nReturn-Path: $email\r\n");

but would only work if the script is executed.

why not write your mail code in a file, then use a cron job to execute on the 1st of the month, or the 1st of every month?

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