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steve m

Problems getting PHP to work

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Hi all,

Not really sure if this is a PHP or MySQL problem.  I uploaded all of my php files to a server that I'm trying to use.  I have a form and when It is submitted it suposed to first validate and then after that write to a databse.  When I submit it it doesn't do anything.  I've tested these files on my local computer and I know that these files do work, but when I try it on this server, nothing.  I do have some fuctions to build drop down list and they work.  All of my include files seem to work.  When the form is submitted, no errors come up.  It's like it totaly ignoring all of the code.  I am at a loss to why this is happening.  I've even echo some text in that file and it seems to work ok so I'm pretty sure that PHP is working on the server.  Does anybody have any idea on what could be happening?

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Not really sure what it could be, but try editting your php.ini file and turn on error reporting to see if it says anything.

find the line

[code]error_reporting  =  "dont know what value this would be"[/code]

and chane it to
error_reporting  =  E_ALL[/code]

and maybe also just below it

[code]display_errors = On[/code]

Also, are you running the same versions of php on both machines?


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Thanks for your repliy thedarkwinter,

After doing some more thinking about it, I figured it out why it wasn't working.  It was a stupid Newbie mistake.  It seems to be working now.  Thanks a lot for your help.

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