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Hello guys
Its afternoon this side of Africa.
I have a school project where a user register and they earns points. When the points are 10, the first user is either deleted from the database and/or retained in the system, either way the second person gets their points... and the list goes on.
here's what i've done.

include "config.php";

global $Names,$Counter;
$selected_id = addslashes('$id');
$new_name = addslashes('$Names');
$new_counter = addslashes('$Counter');
//inserting into the memberchild and the members tables repectively.
$mcquery = "insert into memberchild(Counter) values ('$Counter')";

$user_id = mysql_insert_id($conn);
$mquery = "insert into members(id,Names) values('$user_id', '$Names')";
$m_query = mysql_query($mquery);
$mc_query = mysql_query($mcquery);

//update points at the members table
$upoints = mysql_query("UPDATE members SET MPoints = MPoints+1 where id =".$m_query);
//record number
$query = "select names, mpoints from members";
$result = mysql_query($query);
$recordcount = mysql_num_rows($result);
echo "There are $recordcount record(s)";


the problem lies in the members table where only the first row is incremented, I would like to see something like ,
name: points
omesa: 2
clement: 1
ongera: 0
on the same table, after the record(s) have been inserted.
I use the Names field only for inserting the record(s).
For further clarification, I can provide more information.
Thanks alot
Any help will be appreciated.

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you can try changing the select query from

[code]$query = "select names, mpoints from members";[/code]


[code]$query = "select names, mpoints from members order by mpoints";[/code]

and then echo each mysql row out 1 by 1 one...


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