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Possible Reset Problem

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Have a site that appears to work well under v5.1.6 (my personal test server) but gets caught up in some form of a loop under v4.4.1 (the ISP server).  Not sure what is happening but for some reason I believe it is to do with resetting the session variables used with the shopping basket.  Current code (a bit dirty but there it is) is as follows:


if ($_SESSION['cart']) {
for (reset ($_SESSION['cart']); $key = key ($_SESSION['cart']); next ($_SESSION['cart'])) {
if ($product == $_SESSION['cart'][$key][product]) {
$_SESSION['cart'][$key][qty] = $_SESSION['cart'][$key][qty] + $qty;
$new_qty = 1;

Any further information can be provided so long as I can understand what is being asked for ;-)

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