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Unicode Support in PHP and MS SQL

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We are using PHP 5.1.6, MS SQL 2000 and ADO (PHP COM object) as connection.

The issue we are trying to resolve is to correctly save and retrieve Cyrrilic data
to/from database using Web Inteface, as well as to be able to retrieve
data using MS SQL DTS tool.

The data type in database is defined as nvarchar and character set on webpage defined as UTF-8.

If database connection is established as $ado=new COM ("ADODB.Connection"),
the Cyrrilic data is stored correctly to database, but has no meaning on webpage,
and if connection is established as $ado=new COM ("ADODB.Connection",NULL,CP_UTF8),
data is displayed correctly on webpage, but looks as garbage in database.

We believe, the problem is that  UTF-8 encoding is not supported
in SQL Server and UCS-2 (SQL Server Unicode encoding)
is not supported in webpage. So in case where we specified code page in connection
as UTF-8, the data was stored as a sequece of characters and when read back
from database, was interpreted correctly on webpage

Also, we have tried PHP "mb_convert_encoding" and "iconv" functions
(mb_convert_encoding($string,'UTF-8','UCS-2'); iconv('UCS-2','UTF-8',$string);)
to convert data betweeen different encodings, but it was not working properly.

Is there any ideas on how it can be resolved?

Many thanks.

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Appears to be a documented bug dating back to '02. [url=http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=18169]http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=18169[/url]

Have you tried:


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It`s my first post(in English) ..so be patient  ;)

I have the same problem with UTF-8 in PHP and MSSQL (and i can`t find solution) . If anybody working with this and know how can i use it together - i`ll be grateful.

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