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Strange session problem


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Hi. I have to check if a session is started or not, and then, check for the rank of the user. For that i use two functions like is_administrator,etc.


Well, but this isnt working. I cant get any clear way to know if a session have been already started or not.

function is_administrator() {
if (isset($_SESSION['usr']) and empty($_SESSION['usr'])) {

	$l = conect();
	$user = $_SESSION['usr'];
	$cons = "SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE usr='" . $user . '\';';		
	$res = mysql_query ($cons,$l);
	$ob = mysql_fetch_array($res);

	if ($ob['tipo'] == 'A') {
		return true;

return false;


What i want to do is to check if a sesion exist, if not, return false. If the sesion exist, check for the user rank and return true/false.

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