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PHP5 & Ming 0.3 Segmentation Faults...

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I know segfaults are the most ambigious to deal with and I apologize for that... However this has been killing me...

I'm running Ubuntu 6,06 and have installed apache2, php5 (and all supporting packages) via apt-get. I downloaded ming-0.3.0 as well as ming-php_ext-0.3.0 from sf, compiled both and installed them in to the appropriate directories (/usr/lib, /usr/include).

I also installed the php_ming.so object and added the extension=php_ming.so at the end of my php.ini file. Any time my PHP page tries to execute any Ming functions apache reports the following error (which I'm assuming is from PHP):

[Wed Oct 11 08:55:41 2006] [notice] child pid 5118 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

I created a simple C app that accesses a few of the libming functions and that works without any problems. So this leads me to believe that the problem really is within php_ming.so yet I cannot figure out how to debug it.

Has anyone see this before or are there any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks for any/all help.

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