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[RESOLVED, thx!]Passing variable from table, through button, into function...

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I have a table of several columns and I want to take a unique piece of data from each row and pass it into another php function for processing. I am trying to keep this data hidden to the viewer.

My objective is to insert a button into each row of my table below, and pass a variable I call $postid to the file get_job_details.php for processing.

I have a feeling the area I have highlighted is wrong in some way, because I am not able to pass the variable to my display function.


echo "
<td align=left> ".$row['date']."     </td>
<td align=center><b>".$row['title']." </b> </td>
[color=blue]<td align=center> <a href='get_job_details.php'?postid='postid'>
<img src='flesh/detailsbutton.jpg' alt='Details'</a></td>[/color]
<td align=center> ".$row['location']." </td>";

    echo "</tr>";M


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[code]<td align=center>  <a href='get_job_details.php'?postid='postid'>
        <img src='flesh/detailsbutton.jpg' alt='Details'[/url]</td>[/code]
--img tag not terminated with &gt;
--no link terminating tag /a
--postid should be php variable(needs dollar sign)
[code]<a href='get_job_details.php'?postid='$postid'>[/code]
the $postid variable would have to be set above by you

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