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EDIT: reread your post and it is different than I initially thought.


Assuming you are hosting multiple sites using the same code-base you would likely have some different static content (i.e. flat-files) and either separate databases or a single database where all the records have a foreign key for each site. So, in your logic you would need to check the domain name used to access the site (check the $_SERVER global var), then find the root of the domain name. Once you have that, use the value to determine the correct folder(s) and the correct databases or site ID to use.

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Its all done in PHP like tumblr of Facebook.

So like tumblr the user would need to set the A record of the domain and then they would need to enter in (on my site) their domain and then it needs to (magically, how?) show their page.......


So how does the PHP code work?

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