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Pls if someone know how did it happened....give me solution....

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Posted 12 October 2006 - 03:49 AM

Hi All,

  I did the mini web project and it has some pages... I wrote it layer by layer. I mean DB Layer / Application Layer. All process were ok. But I faced some error. It was the following:

1. Page1.php
  {Some Client Coding and it call (Data_process.php) page with parameter (Insert Mode or Update Mode or Delete Mode )when user Save Button}

2. Data_process.php
  {  function go($data)
      {  switch($data['Mode'])
            Insert : call('InsertData',array($data))

            Update : call(UpdateData',array($data))
3. Service.php //(Some functions to directly insert / update /delete to Database and return result to )
        function InsertData()
            switch ($var)
            1 : $result = function1() ;
            2:  $result = function2();
            3:  $result = function3();
            4:  $result = function4();
            5:  $result = function5();
              return $result;
        function1(){coding here}
        { for loop {call function3; }do something; return;}
        { do something; for loop; return;}
        function4){coding here}
        function5){coding here}
        function UpdatData()
      {some coding here}

I found while the looping process is doing in function3 , it return the data_process.php and throw error messag. But processing is go ahead...... 
I did'nt know how did it happened.  Pls....suggest or give solution me  if you 've any idaea...
Thank in advance.

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