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about my router

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My ISP provides dynamic IP address.
I am using Linksys 8 port router (BEFSR81-CA).
There are 8 computers hooked up with internet through this router. One of them is mine. I created my own home page in this computer and I would like to use my computer as a web server so that my website can be viewed anywhere from the world.

I am very new in networking field so could anyone help me to solve this problem.

can anyone help me plz :)


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Your english is bad.

How come my IP is used on the internet:
Every IP address is UNIQUE on every network connection. It identifies your router/computer on the internet.

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First off, to have a webserver, you really need some 'Static' way of addressing it.  Be it a Domain Name or a Static IP address.  As you only have a Dynamic IP address assigned from your ISP you would need to do one of 2 things.

1. See if your ISP can provide a Static IP address instead of a Dynamic one (Would probably involve extra cost per month).
2. Check to see if your Router supports DDNS.  If it does you can register with someone like this [url=http://www.DynDNS.org]www.DynDNS.org[/url] which would give you a domain name that would follow your dynamic IP address.

Thats the first thing to consider.  The second is to configure your router to:-

1. Let incoming connections from the internet through your router (port 80 for webserver) to 'your' PC.
2. Setup static IP addresses on your router for at least 'your' PC and point your router's incoming http requests to your PC's IP address (port forwarding).

Thirdly, (not sure if you already have this covered as you said you have created your home page) you need to have some webserver software installed on your PC to host your site.  Apache is a good one and you can download it for Linux/Windows.

Other things to consider, your internet connection, how busy you expect your webserver to be and network security.

Most internet connections are slower uploading than downloading (typical 1mb DSL download = 256kb upload).  Since you are wanting to 'Serve' webpages your upload bandwidth needs to be taken into consideration.  Having a busy website on slow upload will impact on your connection from any of your LAN PC's to and from the Internet. They would need to share the connection bandwidth with anyone requesting a webpage from your home webserver.

There is also the issue of security. By having a webserver and a way 'in' from the internet to your home network, increases your risk for security breaches to yours and other PCs on your home network.

Hope that bit of rambling has been of some help  :)

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