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Script Timeout Coming from Somewhere?

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Im having a problem with a PHP 4.4.4 script on Apache 1.3.x

It's basically a PHP upload, that when the upload is complete it converts the file (video) via an exec() call to mencoder. After the return from the conversion, it reposts to itself and checks if the file exists and says it was sucessful (or not).

But, during the conversion of a large file (50-100 megs +), is when it freaks out and actually sends the upload.php file (as in prompts to DL) instead of parsing it when it reposts to itself. Smaller files (< 50 megs) work perfectly.

Now, this to me seems like a timeout issue. But, I have the PHP max exec time site plenty high as well as the Apache timeout and the max upload to well over 100 megs.

Any ideas anyone?

On a related note, during a PHP exec(), does the PHP execution time apply or would it then be the Apache timeout?

And, if it is the Apache timeout at that point, does the PHP max execution time reset or continue counting as well?

Any help would be appreciated!



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Oh, to clarify:


are all set WELL above whats needed for the upload.


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