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Php sql error

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Dear all,

I wonder if anyone can help?

We need to add this php codes to our database of holiday guides, so using php my admin we open up the descrition tag and insert this code, into all the blurb about the holiday destination.

<?php  require_once '/hols/weath.php';
('biurl','<a title="Majorca weather forecast" href="');
('aiurl','"target="_blank" rel="nofollow">');
('ailink',' Majorca weather</a> <br />'); 
('bi',' ');
('aidesc','< Click for 5 day Majorca forecast></font><br />');
('bidesc','<img src="http://www.cheaperholidays.com/arrow1.jpg"> <font color="purple"> ');
// show up to 3 items
// show up to 40 characters of the description
However what happens, is instead of producing the weather if just displays the code instead, what it should do for example in pages we have converted to htm is [url=http://www.cheaperholidays.com/majorca-weather-forecast.htm#Majorca-holiday-deals]http://www.cheaperholidays.com/majorca-weather-forecast.htm#Majorca-holiday-deals[/url]

Any ideas advice would be appreciated


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