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Need help......

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I need help with a problem:


I would like to make this with php and a database:


Have a list of names on one page, eg.


John Doe

Jenni Lee

Someone Someone



arranged alphabeticly and have them be links so when you click on one of the names that you get a page which is also being created from the databse where you get information about that person, e.g.




Name:John Doe

Age: 30

Background: bla bla bla ....



COuld someone help me out with giving me some info or links wher ei could find some info on how to do this or show me how to do this. Thanks in advance.

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What you want done is very easy to do. I have looked a couple places but I have found nothing to show you exactly how to do it exactly like you want it.


If you need help, email me at jeremywesselman [at] insightbb [dot] com and I could walk you through it so we don't clog the board up.



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