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Cannot get time difference right


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I am trying to get the difference in time in mins, hours etc thingy. Now, for some reason I cannot get the right minutes or hours difference between two time stamps. Here is my code:


echo $mins." minute ago by";
			echo $hrs. " hour ago by";
			echo $hrs. " hours ago by";
	echo $mins." minutes ago by";


Now, for a comment posted like 25 mins ago it shows it was posted 4 hours ago. For a comment posted around 10 hours ago it shows it was posted 16 hours ago.


What is the problem here?


I was doing a test and checked the time in seconds after an interval of 2 mins. Here are the results:

Comment posted: 1306669490

Current time: 1306683920


The difference is around 14430. This is not equal to 2 minutes. So, I am starting to think if the time I am getting is wrong? Should it have 10 digits? or less? I am not sure what is going on. Please, advice.



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What does echoing $comment_from_db->date_posted show? What does echo date('Y-m-d H:i:s') show?


And, strtotime() takes into account the current time zone setting, whereas time() does not, so you might have an extra hour or two (or four) being used in the math.

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