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PHP MYSQL HELP -- Connecting multiple databases

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Hi, I have a website I have been working on, www.usgolfpost.com.  It currently has a blog and a forum section which require registration.  Each application must be registered seperatly though.  I plan on haveing two more sections that will require a registration and login.  So in all I will have 4 different sections that must be registered and have a login access.  They all are written in php and connect to mysql databases. 

What I need help on is how can I make it so a user only has to register once for all sections.
Can the databases be combines/shared, or is there a way to populate all the databases through one form?
Does anybody have an example script or anything.  Any info will be helpful


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    I take it that you are not the author of these applications and are now trying to provide a mash-up of sorts.

    The easiest way to do it is to nail down how each app registers by looking in the code of each app.  Then you would make a global registration that covers all requierments by all the applications (maybe some checkboxs that ask, "do you want app xyz", "do you want app abc" ... etc and then some AJAX to add registration fields based on app selection).

Bottom line, there is no easy way because these apps obviously were developed as stand-alones.

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