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Need help in displaying data in table form using php


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I am displaying mysql data in a table form using php. The first attached pic shows how is it looking with the current code. As you can see there are heading on the left and top of the table. So user can make booking on a specific day (heading is on the top for days) and for specific duration of time(headings are on the left). As in first pic, there has been a booking on Wed at 10 o clock, but the problem is, it is displaying duration just for half an hour. As this duration is from 10 o clock to 11 o clock. So what I want to do is in the second pic. Please view the second pic. In the second pic I want to display the highlighted area in blie because all this time is booked or reserved.


Here is my current code.

$building = $_POST['building'];
$block = $_POST['block'];
$d_m = $_POST['d_m'];
$choose_one = $_POST['choose_one'];
function get_data($table, $choose_one) {
    $bool = 1;
    $get_days = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM days");
    $get_times = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM time");
    $days = mysql_num_rows($get_days);
    //$row_day_id = mysql_fetch_assoc($get_days);
    //$day_id_db = $row['dayid'];

    echo "<table cellspacing='0' border='0' cellpadding='5'>
                <th scope='col' width='100'></th>";
    while($row_time = mysql_fetch_assoc($get_times)) {
        while($bool <= $days) {
            $row_days = mysql_fetch_assoc($get_days);
            $dayname = $row_days['days'];
            echo "
                 <th scope='col' width='100'>$dayname</th>   
        $day_id = 1;
        $timeid = $row_time['timeid'];
        $time = $row_time['time'];
        echo "
                <th scope='row' width='100' height='50'>$time</th>";
        while($day_id <= $days) {
            $get = mysql_query("
                            SELECT * FROM $table 
                            ") or die(mysql_error());
            if(mysql_numrows($get) > 0) {
                $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($get);
                $block = $row['block'];
                $apt = $row['apartment_no'];
                $room = $row['room_no'];
                $d_m = $row['d_m'];
                $timeid_to = $row['timeid_to'];
                echo "
                     <td width='110' height='50' bgcolor='lightblue'>
                        <b>Block:</b> $block<br />
                        <b>Apartment:</b> $apt<br />
                        <b>Room:</b> $room
                //echo "</tr>";
            } else {
                echo "
                     <td width='110' height='50' bgcolor='green'></td>
        } //end of second inner while loop
        echo "</tr>";
    } //end of outer while loop
    echo "</table>"; 

if($building) {
    if($block) {
        if($d_m) {
            if($choose_one) {
                if($building == 'mik') {
                    if($block == 'Block A' || $block == 'Block B') {
                        get_data('reserve_mik_ab', $choose_one);
                    } else if ($block == 'Block C' || $block == 'Block D') {
                        get_data('reserve_mik_cd', $choose_one);
                if($building == 'p') {
            } else {
                echo "Choose one!";

Please help!


[attachment deleted by admin]

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I think the best way to do this would be to use rowspan. Just do:


$rowspan = ceil($length / $mins_per_row); // where ceil is rounding it up


then in the cell of the table of the appartment just do


<td rowspan='" . $rowspan . "'>

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