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print class variable high up the page


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I have a class that I created, halfway down my page I call a function from the class which prints some code and also changes a variable inside the class.


It's a search class basically it prints out the search results and saves the total amount of results into the variable.


I want to display the amount of results above the results like so:-


echo $Search->results;



The problem is that $Search->results will be equal to NULL until the variable is updated in the function GetResults.


Hope that makes sense, am I going about this wrong?

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why not just print $this->results inside your getResults function before it prints the other stuff? Alternatively, you could have your getResults function return a string with the output instead of printing it. This is probably the better option. Then you can do

$str = $Search->GetResults('foo');
$res = $Search->results;


and use these variables whenever you need, instead of being forced to use the output when you call them.

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