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Displaying an array in a regular expression string

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Hey all,

I'm trying to replace part of a string using regular expression, however I want the replacement to be gathered from an array. Something like...[code]$mainString = preg_replace("/\[url=(.{1})\](.*)\[\/url\]/", "<a href=\"javascript:navTo('".$theArray[$1]."')$2\"></a>", $mainString);[/code]However I'm getting syntax errors. I assume the errors are because I'm trying to access one of the regex fields out of a regex replacement string?
Any ideas?

Thanks, Richard.

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The[tt] $1 [/tt] must be quoted. Use[tt] /e [/tt] or a callback:


$theArray = array ('www.phpfreaks.com' => 'result');
$mainString = '[url=www.phpfreaks.com]text[/url]';

function url_callback(&$matches) {
global $theArray;
return '<a href="javascript:navTo(\'' .
$theArray['www.phpfreaks.com'] .
'\')">' .
$matches[2] .

echo $mainString = preg_replace_callback(


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