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Better alternative to simplexml


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Well I cant get simplexml to parse out the xml I need correctly, I tried to call out multi entrys in the xml and print them out in CLI and I only get the first letter of a couple of the strings..


$LoadXML = file_get_contents("xmldoc.xml");
$xml = simplexml_load_string($LoadXML);
foreach($xml->xml->user as $entry)
    $ID = $entry->id;
    $name = $entry->name;
    $age = $entry->age;
for($x=0; $x!=count($entry)-1; $x++)
echo $ID[$x]."\n";
echo $name[$x]."\n";
echo $age[$x]."\n";


The code above only echos the last entry of the user.. here is the xml








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You want to tell PHP that the variables will hold arrays using

$ID = array(); $name = array(); $age = array();

Declare that before you populate them.


Populate them using this instead.

    $ID[] = $entry->id;
    $name[] = $entry->name;
    $age[] = $entry->age;


Leaving the key blank will tell the engine to automatically call array_push() and add the value to a new key at the end of the array.


Your script should work fine.


Not a simplexml issue.

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