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ftp_connect problem

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Hi there,

Does anybody know why my script dies after calling the function:


I am building an FTP site, but got stuck here.  I have to comment out the rest of my code, because it just dies after calling that function:

Here is what I have:

$host = 'ftp.cs.rmit.edu.au';
            $conn = ftp_connect($host) or die("Couldn't connect to ftp server");

//connect to host

echo "Error: could not connect to ftp server<br>";


echo "Connected to {$host} <br>";

I commented out everything and just left the ftp_connect function.  I know it dies right there, because I tried to echo a simple statement, and it just doesn't get past the ftp_connect function

Please help me.



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I'm having the exact same problem.  Did you find a solution?


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