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Hi all php coders out there.

Im new at PHP programming, know lots of C , C++, C# and assembler.

Im having a big problem with a local machine that im setting up for testing purpose.

I installed PHP4, Apache 2 and MYSQL 4.1 ok on my windows box. Everything works fine, PHP scripts executes OK.

BUT!!  (that nasty word),  when I try to access that machine from within my intranet, all links resolve to  LOCALHOST!

For instance, Im accessing my server from a machine as  When things start to appear on my browser, all images and links are pointing to

I´ve setup a virtualhost in apache but the problem is when PHP is executed, cause Apache start page correctly direct the right IP in all relative links inside it.

Please gurus, need help on this, badly!  I spent almost 3 days browsing all PHP faqs sites and found nothing, it seems that Im the only one that has this problem.  ??? ??? ???

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