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This may seem like a dumb question, but, I'm developing a site, I have all my pages almost finished, however, I have a problem that is so simple that I think I just need a fresh point of iew on it!


I have a site :www.fobar.com/test/index.php - I have a sidebar menu with links i.e.


<a href = page1.php>Page1</a>
<a href = page2.php>Page2</a>


Whenever I go from page1 to page2, the page isn't found because the url is showing up as:


rather than:



Am I doing something incredibly stupid?  I never came across this before that I can remember.


Any idea's would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the reply Ken. 


Maybe I didn't explain my situation correctly.  I don't see how that can help me in this particular situation.


I have a url:



I am testing a new site in a directory as follows:



This test directory holds a new site which has links to eachpage within that test site, i.e.


But when I click on link1.php on the test site, I get:



Do you have any ideas what's going on?  Sometimes it works fine and goes to the correct link buut not for the most part.


Any help / ideas would be appreciated. 

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maybe it helps if you write full url ?


Thanks for that.  That was my initial thought but I'd prefer not to but seen as it's just one include file it might be the easiest solution.

Although, in saying that, I just noticed that some of the included CSS includes are not showing up either on occasion.


I have a feeling something else is going on here.


Thanks again for all the replies and suggestions.

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