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Rating system within HTML table

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I was wondering whether it is possible to create a rating system in PHP embedded within a HTML table?

My situation is the client has a list of documents in a table with links. What the he wants is to be able to rate each document but they have already created the table in HTML and there are over 40 files so i dont really want to ask him to use MySQL because there is no way they will understand how to use it and storing the names in MySQL will take a long time.

this is the layout i was considering using - with Radio Buttons

Document Title  | Rating        |
Document1.doc | 1o o o o o5 |
Document2.doc | 1o o o o o5 |
Document3.doc | 1o o o o o5 |

|  submit    |

If i havent explained it properly please reply and i will try and answer as best i can thanks


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