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Encapsulating code

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Hi everyone

sorry to post again, but im having a problem figuring something out, basically I have a whole load of php code which I want to capture and then print somewhere else on the page.

My code I use is

[code]$idnum = $rows['id'];
print $idnum;
if ($num > 1)
print " AND ";
print " ";

Basically I want to take the above and somehow encapsulate it so that I can print it on the page.

When the above code is printed, it looks like

[code]'23' AND '45' AND '65' AND ''[/code]

So I want to be able to produce

[code]'23' AND '45' AND '65' AND ''[/code]

somewhere else on the page, I guess I need to encapsulate using something like

[code]$encapsulatedcode = "<CODE IN HERE>";[/code]

But that doesnt seem to work for me

Any help would be great



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if I get this correctly, you should be able to use implode to get what you want.

$array = array(25, 45, 35, 55);
$encapsulate = implode(" AND ", $array);

echo $encapsulate;

will output
25 AND 45 AND 35 AND 55


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