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I currently have a windows 2003 web edition server W/ php installed. I have followed many instructions, but had litle success until recently. Thanks, to wildteen88 for the link i found in one of your responses. I am now able to pull up the phpinfo from the local wwwroot and from one of my websites. Here is the breakdown of what works and what doesn't

1. http://localhost/info.php
          This file consists of (<?php
                                      // Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL
and properly displays the php information

2. Copied the same info.php file to one of my websites (located on the same server)
this also displays properly.

3. attempt to get counter working
counter does run and incriment correctly.

4. attempted to add the counter to the main page of this website (index.html). The command added on the bottom of the index.html file was (<?PHP include ("counter.php"); ?>).

Nothing displayed.

5. Created a new blank html document called (indexphp.html) and only added one line (<?PHP include ("counter.php"); ?>). All I receive is a blank page.

I am assuming that php is installed correctly based on the responses above, and that this is a problem with the html page calling/executing the php script.

NOTE** our original server that lost its active directory information to the IIS user accounts due to active directory crashing was running on a windows 2K server with IIS 5 and php 3.

Are we just missing the proper coding or is this something with the configuration. All php files are in the php directory and c:\php was added to the path.

Are there programing/coding issues when trying to run scripts created with ver 3 and now using ver 5?

Thanks in advance.
Semper Fi.

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